NAHU’s Compliance Corner is an exclusive member-only benefit that includes monthly topical webinars, links to important resources as well as FAQs on federal health reform compliance concerns. As insurance brokers trained in risk management, it is our job to analyze and identify risks that might adversely affect our client’s business objectives. Compliance with federal statutes and regulations in the areas of insurance, labor and taxes is a daunting task for many of our employer clients.  Many of whom turn to NAHU’s Compliance Corner to make sure they are kept up-to-speed on the regulatory and compliance issues that impact their clients on a bi-monthly basis, and in response to regulation permutes.

Compliance discussions and responses offer NAHU’s interpretation and research regarding application of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). NAHU is providing this guidance as an informational resource for NAHU members.  This general information is not a substitute for legal or tax advice.